Sisal Pouch / Bag

A very practical little natural bag to store your soaps, transport them, and use them to the end!

 Origin and culture.

Sisal is a natural and ecological fiber.

Agave Sisalana is a plant from the Agavaceae family. Originally from Mexico, it is cultivated today in many places around the world. Robust and resistant, it adapts to all types of soil and hot and arid climates often unsuitable for other crops. Its yield per hectare is excellent (from 1 to 4 tonnes).

The life cycle of Agave Sisalana absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces, making it a favourable plant in the fight against climate change.



Slip your soap or your leftover soap into the sisal bag to use them until the end.

Once wet, the foam passes through the fabric, rub your skin directly with the small bag.

By using the sisal bag as well, your skin will benefit from gentle exfoliation.


Practical with its cord, you can hang it wherever you want.

The small bag is closed very simply, by sliding the small wooden ball on its cord.


This small sisal bag is also a nice way to wrap soap as a gift.

An organic and ecological gift, zero waste, and very cute!


Our little bag is ecru, a chic and minimalist color that goes in all bathrooms & toiletry bags.


Biodegradable and compostable (cut into small pieces before to speed up the process).


Dimensions: 15 cm x 10.5 cm


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