Fern Kokedama & Botanical Mister Gift Box

This unique set includes a fern kokedama and a botanical style plant mister in a gift box beautifully wrapped with a gift tag and a sprig of Eucalyptus.


What is Kokedama?

Kokedama literally translates as “Moss Balls” These small moss balls are an old tradition in Japanese gardening, and are a unique addition to your houseplant collection.

A Kokedama can be created with a wide variety of plant species, this is a fern.  The moss balls are traditionally displayed on a shallow tray, but recently they are also displayed as hanging plants.


How do I care for a Kokedama?

Watering a Kokedama is a relatively straight-forward as a botanical mister is included in the gift set. The best way to determine if your moss ball needs watering is to feel how heavy it is. You can also check the moss, if it feels dry you need to water. You can mist using the mister daily or if it it very light soaking the ball in water for about 5 minutes should be more than enough to make sure it is well watered.

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