Discovery - New Year, New Blog

January 06, 2019

Discovery - New Year, New Blog

Welcome 2019!

We are ready for the New Year here at Smoked Birch with many fresh projects on the horizon.

One last good walk in the woods before work begins

Along with many fresh creatives that are planned for this year we have been working on a large garden project which is being finished out at the start of the year. Smoked Birch have been working on this project for a number of months and it has been one of the most exciting collaborations we have worked on. We can’t wait to showcase the finished garden!

Mid Winter Work - a collaboration in progress

After a busy run up to Christmas and not much time to spare we are getting ready to transform our collections for Spring and Summer 2019. We are heading to London this month in search of unique finds to finish our home & garden collections including compliments to the Smoked Birch handmade collections. Expect a number of collections of new crafted Smoked Birch cushions throughout 2019!

Searching & Curating!

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